At Overflow, we value the presence of God
and celebrate in spirit with worship and prayers.

Worship and Prayer Night at Overflow has always been an invitation to ALL who want to gather around Christ and worship Him together. The intentionality with which we initially structured these worship nights is as important and needed today more than ever.
Choosing to worship Jesus and see Him on a Friday night after a long week at work requires hunger and prioritizing Him over Netflix and pizza. We schedule these nights on Fridays after most people have eaten dinner and do not have to worry about getting up early for work in the morning. The rationale is that we can abandon our hearts to Him and let go of watching the clock or serving the rhythms of everyday life to experience.
Overflow is not a traditional church and does not meet on Sundays. Yet, we gather around Jesus as the Body of Christ in pursuit of what is authentic and not mere formula. We yearn for a diversity of voices and experiences in our fellowship. The intention is that all persons would feel welcome and the walls, which unfortunately still divide us on Sundays, would not exist in this space. All people are welcome as we work together to create a place to worship and fellowship closer to how it is in heaven.
Do not come expecting perfection as we are all on a journey learning how to love and honor one another like Jesus and pursue authentic spirituality rather rely on familiar formulas. We seek to make the reign of God manifest as we lay down our preferences and open our hearts to Him, allowing repentance, healing, and transformation to flow. We would be honored to have you add your voice to the worship offered up on Friday night.

Jesus. Community. Authentic Life.

Overflow International, Inc.

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