At Overflow, we value the edification of all to grow in relationship with Jesus through sound teaching.

You are invited to join us every Monday night at 7pm for PURSUIT. Our current series is  “Knowing and Experiencing Jesus”. While we know we can only see and know in part, we are exploring fresh understanding and revelation of the One who never changes. We know in Him there are depths of love and wisdom we have yet to uncover. These Monday nights are devoted to our ongoing discipleship to Jesus.


Our discipleship encompasses knowing Jesus more fully and putting His word and teaching into practice. We refer to embodiment often as it keeps us from making Jesus and His words into abstract concepts that have nothing to do with love and do little to inform or transform lives.


All humans and some well-behaved pets are welcome! (We limit full participation to humans). The table belongs to Jesus, therefore, we see our mission to be to invite everyone to the table and simply make room at the table. We are guests of the Host, not gatekeepers.   We welcome guest speakers for the first three weeks of June. Honoring and bearing witness to the testimony and stories of how our brothers and sisters know the reality of Jesus in their context is a part of our discipleship.


What to expect-  We enjoy refreshments and fellowship for the first 15-20 minutes. Around 7:15 we begin by singing a few worship songs together. You are welcome to stand or sit. Someone will share announcements, birthdays, and prayer needs in the community. Teaching will follow with applicable scriptures read by one of the teens who attend. We conclude most evenings by connecting with one another for prayer or discussion.

Jesus. Community. Authentic Life.

Overflow International, Inc.

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