At Overflow, we value the edification of all to grow in relationship with Jesus through sound teaching.

PURSUIT is a weekly discipleship event where a community of people from diverse backgrounds come together to learn how to put what we believe (in our head) into action in our everyday lives, moving from abstraction to action. Together, embracing our distinctive and varied Christian backgrounds, we wrestle with difficult and timely challenges pursuing God’s heart and ways for the complex world in which we live.


PURSUIT is more than a Bible study, a worship night, or a traditional church service. It is a  gathering where every person’s dignity, value, and life experiences are affirmed and acknowledged through how we embrace one another and make room for each person to share. Our teaching focuses on learning how to live out our faith in Jesus with mercy, humility, and compassion. We look for honest ways to demonstrate solidarity with the oppressed and to empower the disenfranchised. As humans, we are hardwired for connection with one another. In a time when division and cynicism are common, we invite you to come be a part of a subversive and revolutionary community of people pursuing the true and relevant hope of the Gospel.


We typically begin our time together with fellowship, worship, and a short teaching, culminating with break-out groups where we each take turns listening, speaking, and praying for one another. In these groups, we put into practice Jesus’ expressed value of equality which elevates God not man and eliminates favoritism and preference. Please reach out if you have any questions or check us out on Mondays!

Jesus. Community. Authentic Life.

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