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Extending Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving or Advent?Thanksgiving or Advent, there is always lively debate in our family about what signifies the beginning of the holiday season, indicating when it is appropriate to play Christmas

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Annetra Bush

The Great Equalizer

The promise for humanity. The way of humility. Jesus the equalizer. As I lay in bed last night waiting for sleep to fully overtake me, Holy Spirit started showing me

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Annetra Bush

Prayer for Peacemakers

I was recently invited to pray for Ohio and the nation at the State House in Columbus. When I asked God what to pray for He whispered, “peace.” Though I

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Alex Bush

The Wages of Hypocrisy

We are living in strange times my friends! I have run into three distinct views of all the turmoil that is 2020: No problem, I’ve got Jesus! God is up

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Annetra Bush

Word Wednesdays

It is time to take back our narrative. Return to the Truth. Hooks are fine when you’re looking for a place to hang your coat, reel in a fish, or

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