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The Great Equalizer

The promise for humanity. The way of humility. Jesus the equalizer. As I lay in bed last night waiting for sleep to fully overtake me, Holy Spirit started showing me more about how Jesus interacted with humanity in ways that

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Prayer for Peacemakers

I was recently invited to pray for Ohio and the nation at the State House in Columbus. When I asked God what to pray for He whispered, “peace.” Though I value the peace only He brings to my heart, it

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The Wages of Hypocrisy

We are living in strange times my friends! I have run into three distinct views of all the turmoil that is 2020: No problem, I’ve got Jesus! God is up to something, just don’t know what. The apocalypse is nigh!

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Word Wednesdays

It is time to take back our narrative. Return to the Truth. Hooks are fine when you’re looking for a place to hang your coat, reel in a fish, or you’re a Captain chasing Peter Pan but hooks are disturbing

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Welcome to a place to share thoughts on what it looks like to pray a Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.

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